Fresh 48 sessions take place in those first 48 hours after a baby is born and while still in the hospital.  I was so fortunate to be able to be able to go only a short distance this time to TMC Hospital in Denison and capture sweet little Eli at only ONE day old!  {Usually I’m driving to Mckinney or Plano Texas!}  Eli’s parents commented on how different he already looked from his Fresh 48 session to his newborn session.  They change so quickly and if you’re like me you want to remember and preserve every single moment and detail!


Deanna Campbell {Deanna Campbell Photography} is a fresh 48, newborn, maternity, child, Senior, Boudior and family photographer based in North Texas. Proudly photographing sweet families and precious babies from TMC and WNJ hospital in Denison and Sherman Texas to Mckinney, Allen, and other parts of North Texas and DFW. Deanna specializes in Fresh 48 photography and Travels to most DFW hospitals to capture them!

Eli’s Fresh 48 Session {TMC Hospital Denison Texas Photographer}

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