My Top 5 Tips for Better iPhone Images
{All these images were taken on my iPhone 6 or 7}

     It’s no secret I LOVE taking pictures.  I take a ton of pictures each year (Seriously, I take thousands of pictures from my phone.) and I love when images pop up in the app’ time-hop’ a year later. {Get that app if you don’t have it already!}  I don’t tend to keep my big bulky cameras out so I try to get awesome phone pictures. I use 5 simple steps to help me do that and I thought you’d like to know also!

So here goes:


1.  Clarity is key!  This is the #1 thing I see!  I’ve been guilty of hazy pictures because I didn’t take the 1 second to wipe the lens off before snapping a really cute picture. You’d be surprised the difference this can make!



2: Focus on what matters! Make sure you’ve got your subject in focus. Did you know that you could tell your phone what to focus on?  Just tap the screen where your subject is!



3: Exposure is important! Simply touching your screen on either a bright or dark spot in your image will change the exposure of the image?  Example: Too dark, touch a darker part of your subject and the exposure should automatically adjust the light for you.



4.  Let there be light!  Put your subject close to a window if inside or where the sun shines on them if your outside. This creates amazing shadows or beautiful sun flare. Too much sun flare in your image?  Just change your angle a bit!



5. Create heirlooms!  You’re not going to be saving your old iPhone for your kids to look through in 25 years!  {Think floppy disks, cassette tapes and now Cd’s and disks!} You will however save a printed picture or photo book of their first steps or them playing the lead in the school play. So PRINT those images. Download apps that make it easy and then set a date to print your favorites once a month!  I like Mpix app or chat books.



Hopefully these tips can help you document your days. Pictures can be your most precious possession after a time or season of life has past.

Much love and happy picture taking! ❤️




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Thanks a million!


5 tips for Awesome iPhone Pictures!

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